Te Mahi Tau Hou

Tena koutou katoa, ko Josh Paki toku ingoa, he uri ahau no Waikato, engari, kei Tamaki Makaurau au e mahi ana. He kai ta moko ahau. 
In the upcoming new year, I will be posting short essays on this blog . The purpose of these short essays, is to share with you my thoughts, opinions and practices surrounding ta moko. In the modern world, Te Ao Hurihuri, Te Ao Hou, that we all live in, we have access to more information than ever before in human history. I feel that despite this, we struggle to communicate or share ideas with sincerity on social media platforms. And if we do, it can be lost in the dense forest of information that is social media. My intention is to use this platform to share my korero and whakaaro about ta moko in a respectful, sincere and open manner. 

My aim is to better inform those who are considering receiving moko,  about myself, my opinions and my tikanga surrounding ta moko, so that they can make a more informed desicion as to whether or not I am the person they wish to have ta moko them. 

The opinions stated in the following essays are my own, and are a product of everything I have experienced, learnt and thought thus far. I do not propose that anyone should have to follow or agree with any of the whakaaro, but rather wish to encourage discussion, and to share openly, so that nga tangata hia mau moko can understand more about me as a tangata Maori, and as a kai ta moko. The overall intended outcome of this korero is to contribute to the desicion making process of nga tangata hia mau moko, in finding the most correct kai ta moko for them, their needs and requirements.  

I do not wish to hurt, exclude or offend anyone, my only aim being to share my whakaaro in a manner I feel comfortable, with a world that sometimes requires us to share everything.

I will be posting regularly, and welcome any patai/queries. Please contact me on joshpakitamoko@gmail.com 

Mauri ora. 

Josh Paki