Care for your Moko

Please note, this is not the only way to prepare for and look after a moko, this is the method I recommend as it is the method I use. Please follow the instructions of each individual Kai Tā if you are being tā moko by them. Please follow my instructions if you are receiving tā moko from me.


Make sure that you are well rested and have had a meal on the day of the moko. You must prepare and be kind to your body, regardless of whether the moko is big or small.

Please, no hangovers. Do not come to your booking under the influence of drugs or alcohol as this will make the process harder for both the customer and Kai Tā.

Please, no bad attitudes. I am dedicated to the quality and success of your moko. Please listen to my professional advice. My advice is based on tā moko experience as both a Kai Tā and as a customer. The success and quality of your moko is of paramount importance, which means having to re-design some ideas to make them into great tā moko that the customer will have for life.

Bring a sugary drink, or snack with you. This can be consumed during breaks to keep up your sugar levels.


Please wash your hands before touching your moko. Never touch your moko with dirty hands. It is an open wound, treat it accordingly.

Remove the dressing after two hours, wash your hands and gently clean your moko using a non-abrasive soap and warm water in the palm of your hands.

Do not re-cover the tā moko! Let it breathe.

Use after care cream twice a day for two weeks, washing your hands with soap and warm water before each application. Use sparingly, the moko should be shiny, as if it has been moisturised. If there is thick layer visible on the moko, you have put too much on. This will have a detrimental affect on the quality of the moko. Remove excess cream using a clean paper hand towel.

Please, do not pick or scratch your moko. The moko will itch as it heals, however do not scratch it. This will damage your moko. Be mindful of where your moko is on your body and take care to avoid knocking it on sharp objects and/or damaging it when removing/putting on clothing.

Please, do not let your moko get sunburnt. The sun can damage your moko, especially when healing. Please make sure you cover it with clothing during the healing period.

Please, do not soak your moko in water. Avoid baths, oceans, swimming pools, spa pools and saunas during the healing period. This will damage your moko. Especially salt and chlorinated water. Showers are fine as it is running water. Keep your moko clean and gently pat it dry while it is healing.

For any specific enquiries regarding anything not covered in my instructions, please contact me directly.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Take care of your moko.